Fusion of NASA image and Landsat-5 images over Hong Kong for year 2003.
2003 年 NASA 影像與 Landsat-5 影像在香港上空的融合

Can you imagine how the Earth is seen at night from space?

This spectacular night image was acquired by Astronaut Donald R. Pettit and his crew of Expedition 6 using a digital camera from the International Space Station on March 10, 2003 at an altitude of 385 km. Let's try hover your mouse cursor over the image to switch between day and night of Hong Kong! 在2003 年 3 月 10 日,航天員唐納德·皮迪特和他的遠征 6 號機組人員使用數碼相機從國際太空站在 385 公里的高度拍攝了這張壯觀的夜間圖像。 請嘗試將鼠標光標懸停在圖像上,把香港的白天和黑夜之間切換! (Source of imagery: NASA. Courtesy of Donald R. Pettit.)

Can you answer these questions? 你能回答這些問題嗎?

  1. Where are most of the nighttime lights located? 大部份的夜間燈光位於哪裡?
  2. Why are they located in those areas? 為什麼它們位於這些區域?
  3. How do you account for the variation in nighttime lights in Hong Kong and Shenzhen? 如何解釋香港和深圳夜間燈光的不同?
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