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We distribute a wide range of cost-effective and affordable satellite images.


About Your Satellite Imagery

For a typical satellite imagery purchase, users can search for the archive of imagery which is collected constantly by the major satellite companies. A new tasking request may required when sufficient imagery coverage could not be found over an area of interest.

Archive imagery

Minimum order area *: 25 sq. km

Immediate availability of satellite imagery.

  • Standard archive pricing applies to data older than 90 days.
  • Fresh Archive pricing applies to newly collected data (< 90 days)

* For medium resolution satellite (e.g. SPOT-7), minimum order area will be 250 sq. km.

New Tasking

Minimum order area #: 100 sq. km

A great solution to get fresh imagery.

  • Tasking Pricing applies, Stereo option also available
  • Customer may define collection window up to 365 days

# For medium resolution satellite (e.g. SPOT-7), minimum order area will be 500 sq. km.

About Your AOI

An AOI (Area of Interest) polygon is used to defines the area that imagery product is required for. The AOI can be a simple rectangle or a complex polygon which can delineate boundaries. Before submitting your AOI polygon to us, please make sure your AOI follows the rules listed below.

Acceptable AOI polygon
  • Closed polygon with less than 1,000 vertices.
  • Length of any side of the polygon is longer than 5 km.
  • All coordinates must be in WGS84 datum.
Unacceptable AOI polygon
  • Triangle shape AOI polygon
  • Length of any side of the polygon is less than 5 km.
  • Area of polygon is less than the minimum order area of the selected satellite platform.

Additional services

When placing your order you may request additional products and processing level so that it suits your specific needs. (i.e. Panchromatic + Multispectral Bundle, Pan-Sharpened, Orthorectified)

Please let us know your preference by filling in your requet in the Description Box.