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Remote Sensing with IDRISI
USD$ 60.00

Remote Sensing with IDRISI – A Beginner’s Guide
Timothy A. Warner, David J. Campagna

New Version

This book provides a comprehensive introduction to the IDRISI remote sensing software package. With clear instructions and color illustrations, the book is ideal for students and professionals seeking a hands-on and guided exploration of the fundamental issues in remote sensing and image processing.

Year 2013
Pages 298 pages
Dimension 19 × 26 cm
Price USD$ 60.00
Remote Sensing with IDRISI
USD$ 25.00

The Pearl River Delta As Seen From Satellite Images
K. N. Au

(2008 edition) with Fly-thru CD-ROM

This book comprises 4 main sections. Section 1 presents night-time images of the Pearl River Delta region, and Hong Kong & its environs. Section 2 contains images of 15 m resolution acquired by Landsat-7 satellite. Section 3 includes photos of 2 m resolution obtained by the Corona satellite. Section 4 features colour images of 60 cm resolution taken by the QuickBird satellite. These images were collected in the period 1969 – 2008. They show the spectacular changes in the Pearl River Delta region over the past 39 years.

Year 2008
Pages 128 pages
Dimension 11.25″ x 8.25″
Price USD$ 25.00

Remote Sensing with IDRISI
USD$ 17.00

Hong Kong As Seen From Satellite Images
K. N. Au

This book comprises spectacular images of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region acquired by Landsat-5, Landsat-7. SPOT-5, and QuickBird satellites on different dates. In addition, a black and white photo collected by Corona satellite in 1969 is included. When it is compared with a Landsat image acquired in 2003, the changes in Victoria Harbour over that period are shown vividly.

Year 2005
Pages 80 pages
Dimension 19 × 26 cm
Price USD$ 60.00

Geocarto International (1986 – 2006)

Geocarto International, a multi-disciplinary journal of Remote Sensing and GIS, is the first English language periodical on Remote Sensing and GIS published quarterly in Asia by Geocarto International Centre Ltd. from 1986 to 2006 for international circulation.

Effective from January 1st, 2007, Geocarto International is published and distributed by Taylor and Francis in the UK. Papers for consideration should be submitted directly to Taylor & Francis

For general enquiries or to place an order, please contact Taylor & Francis Customers Services at

International Editorial Board (1986 - 2006)
Director & Publisher: K. N. Au
Journal Editors: Kamlesh Lulla and M. Duane Nellis

Remote Sensing/GIS Research & Development Section Section Editor: Kamlesh Lulla Stan Aronoff (Canada), James H. Everett (U.S.A.), G.M.Foody (U.K.), Kevin P. Gallo (U.S.A.), J.L.van Genderen (Netherlands), R.Gomber (Belgium), P. Coppin (Belgium), John R.Jensen (U.S.A.), Choen Kim (Korea) V.Klemas (U.S.A.), Deren Li (China), Liew Soon Chin (Singapore), A.K.Milne (Australia), Nik Nasruddin Mahmood (Malaysia), Stanely A. Morain (U.S.A.), Shunji Murai (Japan), Pan Xishe (China), Kevin P.Price (U.S.A.), R.R. Navalgund (India), Susan Ringrose (Botswana), Robert A. Ryerson (Canada), Anthony Yeh (Hong Kong)

Remote Sensing/GIS Education & Teaching Section Section Editor: M. Duane Nellis Paul Bauman [Remote Sensing Images Editor] (U.S.A.), Sara Bednarz (U.S.A.), David Butler (U.S.A.), Frederick Engle (U.S.A.), Charles Fitzpatrick (U.S.A.), Ray Lougeay (U.S.A.), Maria del Pilar Cereceda Troncoso (Chile), Stephen Walsh (U.S.A.), Josef Strobl (Austria)

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