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Space Will Technology
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SuperView-1, launched on December 28 2016, is a high resolution commercial satellites constellation owned by Space View.

Sensor Specifications
Launch Date 2016-12-28
Status Available
Order Specifications
Minimum Order Area 25

50 cm


2 m


SuperView-1 satellites constellation was launched on 28 December 2016. And the next two better performed satellites will be launched to the same orbit in the second half year of 2017.

Afterward, there will be four high resolution satellites phased 90 degree from each other on the same orbit collecting satellite images everday.

Panchromatic 450 - 890 nm
Multispectral Band 1 (Blue): 450 - 520 nm
Band 2 (Green): 520 - 590 nm
Band 3 (Red): 630 - 690 nm
Band 4 (NIR): 770 - 890 nm